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Tel : 01423 590 590

Ethos / Mission

We aim to provide excellence in care, for our patients, our clients and for the vets that refer cases to us in a sustainable practice.

Patient Care

We put the patient at the core of what we do. Improving their health care is our goal. Our team aims to deliver the very best health outcomes, but to do that with compassion, tenderness and loving care.

We have invested thousands of hours in training and gaining further qualifications in veterinary dentistry. In addition, we have invested hundreds of thousands of £’s in equipment and facilities to provide the latest innovations and improvements in veterinary dentistry.

Client & Pet Owner Care

We try and ensure that you are given lots of information about the procedure. We will try and convey some of that information before the day of the appointment. During the appointment, we will explain our findings as clearly as we can. We will then go on to explain what steps we wish to take to investigate and treat the problem. We try and outline the major problems that we might encounter. We encourage questions in order to ensure that there are no misunderstandings and that we share the decisions about the way forwards. Wherever possible we try and offer a "practice tour" in order that you can see where your pet will spend their time with us and so that you can see our facilities and the level of care we offer.

On a practical level, you will be offered tea and coffee on arrival after your journey. We try and provide information about what to do during your day in Harrogate and, where necessary; we can give guidance about where to stay. Free WiFi is available in the reception area.

Often full examination is only possible when your pet is anaesthetized. So we do ask that we are able to contact you on a mobile phone during the course of the day in order to discuss any change in the planned procedure.

On discharging our patients we try and ensure that you have a thorough understanding of the day’s procedure. We will often show photographic images and x-rays to illustrate this. We ensure that you are familiar with any after care needs (medications, mouth washes, etc) and can demonstrate these as necessary. Our team is then available to you to contact should you have any questions or queries over the next few days.

VetDentist is committed to the education of pet owners in general about the importance of proper dental care and the adverse effects of dental disease on pets’ general health.

Care of the Referring Vet

We recognise that our role is to support referring vets in the care of their patients. We are acting as their agents in helping to provide the best possible care. We understand that when a vet refers a case to us they are creating a bond of trust. We endeavour to meet, or exceed, a referring vet's expectations of the service we provide to their clients and patients.

Sustainable Practice

In order to be sustainable, the practice needs to have a team that is happy and reasonably remunerated. There also needs to be the financial security to pay for the equipment, drugs and facilities that are used. In addition, finance is required to enable investment in further training and the purchase of new and replacement equipment. Whilst we endeavour to keep costs down, we are committed to sustaining a level of excellence. In short, we charge fairly for our services.

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