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Referral Information for Veterinary Surgeons

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Firstly – thank you for considering us in helping to care for your patients. We know that when you recommend that your clients visit us as a referral practice, you are putting yourself on the line. We hope that we can more than justify the trust that you place in us by referring your client.

Any case that you send to us will be personally supervised by Bob Partridge or by his Resident Arianna Fortunato working under his guidance. For details of Bob’s full CV click here, but in summary Bob is one of only a handful of full European Diplomates in Veterinary Dentistry active in the UK. He has a wealth of experience to draw upon, having been seeing referral cases since 1989. He also runs a first opinion practice and so is acutely aware of the pressures upon “regular” veterinary surgeons. VetDentist is superbly equipped and our mission is to provide excellence in patient and client care, together with an excellent service to you the referring vet.

We see our role as providing our expertise in supporting you in the care of your patient. We truly believe in working with you for the benefit of your patients. This is why Bob is active in providing accessible CPD for general practitioners as well as seeing the more complex referral cases.

An Overview:

Please see the Pet Owner information for a fuller description.

In general we try and deal with cases on a single day. In some cases patients may need to be hospitalised overnight. We provide owners with a detailed estimate at admission – although circumstances may change once full examination under anaesthetic is performed.

Routinely we recommend starving cats and dogs from 20.00hrs prior to the appointment, but leave free access to water. Rabbits and other small pets can continue feeding.

Please let us know if there are potential complications – such as diabetes, or epilepsy treatment. Please ask owners to bring any medication you supplied with them to the consultation.

Please provide any relevant clinical history, radiographs and laboratory reports prior to the appointment date.

Generally once you have supplied referral information (ideally use the referral form - click here) – we will contact the client direct to arrange an appointment date and time suitable for them.

We endeavour to supply a referral report as quickly as possible to you. Ideally we do this as a PDF that you can attach to your clinical records. This will include details of our investigations, any treatment performed and an idea of our plan for follow up care. We will often include relevant clinical photos and radiographs. If you have any queries on this – please do not hesitate to contact us. Please ensure that we have the correct email address to send this to.

On discharging a patient, we normally ask that they make an appointment to see you one week afterwards. However, occasionally we may need to see the patient at this time ourselves. By the time you see your patient back you should have received our detailed referral report.

Occasionally owners will request that we perform additional procedures at the time of our investigations or treatment. Generally we decline these requests (as our procedures are often lengthy in themselves). However, should it be necessary, we will always seek to contact you for permission as you will have full details of the patient.

Once again, thank you for trusting the care of your patient to us and for considering us to assist you in the care of your patients.


Bob Partridge BVM&S  Dipl.EVDC  MRCVS
Recognised RCVS & European Veterinary Specialist in Dentistry



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